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Chinese - Zhongwen

Mandarin Chinese has more speakers than any other language. It is the number two language of the Internet, and powers the huge and fast-growing economy of China.

Chinese occurs in two distinct written forms, the Simplified Characters used in the People's Republic of China and Singapore, and the Traditional Characters used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other locations. Spoken Chinese, in contrast, has many forms, best considered as several distinct languages, and almost countless dialects. In many areas of China, Mandarin has official status while local languages, some with well over 10 million speakers, are used in the street and the home.

Chinese is notoriously difficult for both people and computer systems owing to its various forms, lack of relationship to other top languages, and a complex writing system with thousands of characters and no spaces separating words, which can make many expressions potentially ambiguous and confusing.

The great importance of Chinese has offset these difficulties in making NLP solutions of great interest to industry and research alike. Gistology is devoted to offering great solutions for both varieties of written Chinese.

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