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Russian - russky yazyk

The vast distances and nine time zones separating Russia's 144 million people are shrunk to insignificance by the Internet, and it is probably for this reason that Russian is the language of the second largest number of websites.

Russian is the most widely used of all Slavic languages, and also of all languages using the Cyrillic alphabet. Formerly, the main language of the Soviet Union, Russian has offical status in many nations that were formerly Soviet republics and allies of the U.S.S.R.

The use of the Cyrillic alphabet, a complex grammar, and decades of separation from the West factor into Russia having home-grown equivalents of web services where American offerings dominate much of the world. Complex noun declensions and sprawling Slavic words combine with free word order to make Russian a challenging language for NLP solutions.

As the major language of a growing market that bridges Europe and Asia, Russian exemplifies the priorities of Gistology.

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