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Arabic - Arabi

An official language in 27 countries, stretching from the Middle East to the Atlantic Ocean, Arabic is one of the most important languages in the world.

Arabic's 420 million speakers make it the most widely spoken Semitic language, a family it shares with Hebrew and Amharic. It also has widespread use in overseas communities reaching from London to Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the Arabic script is shared by unrelated languages such as Farsi and Urdu. Vocabulary from Arabic has entered many other languages, particularly in areas where Islam is a major religion.

Arabic has a complex grammar, tremendous variation across its wide geographical span, and a thrifty writing system that does not encode all of the spoken vowels. Arabic is often transmitted electronically using a mixture of roman letters and numerals, which gives it a de facto second, but nonstandardized alphabet.

Pulling together dozens of developing markets holding almost half a billion people, Arabic exemplifies the qualities that we hold as a priority at Gistology.

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